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When Hell Is Full The Dead Will Walk The Earth

*~~will you be next to die?~~*

**~Till Death Do We Part~**
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1. This is a place for all the gore heads to come together and post the sickest pictures that they can find, but please one major rule, keep them of humans and not animals. If you break that one simple rule then you will be automatically banned. Im sorry. Other than that you're free to post whatever you want and please keep the content related to the community. I could care less about you're bf or gf or home problems...unless someone died and you have pix. If you have a story to tell about something fucked up you've seen and it's quite long please do an LJcut.

2. Pix of death and serial killers are the only things allowed in here.

3. Promoting of other communities is allowed only if you can promote this one in theirs. It's only fair.